Environmental Policy

Clean water and air, peace and a pleasant environment – the foundations of the company’s environmental policy!

The environmental policy follows from the environmental impacts of the activities, products and services of ROSTRA, as well as the requirements of applicable legal and other environmental protection regulations. The company management pledges to maintain conformity to all laws and regulations in force relating to the environment. The production nature of the company predefines its ability to keep all its commitments set by laws and regulations, and the company will adopt measures so as to reduce any consequences of its activity and minimise its environmental impacts. In addition, in relation to its employees, the company management intends to adopt measures such that working conditions meet all legal and regulatory requirements and conform to the normal standards of the most advanced companies, particularly in connection with our country’s accession to the EU.

The company management pledges to:

  • consistently meet legislative and other relevant requirements of all stakeholders in the area of environmental protection
  • make environmental protection an integral component of the quality system, including related documentation
  • set environmental goals, fulfil and review them
  • engage in friendly and truthful communication with stakeholders on environmental impacts of the company’s activity

With respect to its production programme, the company management will make special efforts to:

  • not disturb its surroundings and adjacent watercourses running through the town with contaminated wastewater – all the wastewater from the company (except for rainwater) will be discharged via an effective treatment plant and, in future (once sewerage is built in this part of the town) and following connection to the municipal wastewater treatment plant, will not burden the latter with excessively contaminated waste (only municipal, not process waste);
  • not disturb the company’s air with process fumes, odours and dust – all exhaust equipment will be connected to effective and properly maintained filters;
  • not annoy inhabitants of adjacent houses with excessive noise – any noisy operations will be properly acoustically insulated;
  • maximise sorting of all waste and thus enable its recycling. Measures to minimise the quantities of all types of waste will be adopted;
  • prevent the company site and its appearance from disturbing the character of the surrounding neighbourhood of single-family homes.

Ing. Petr Mikulčík
Director and CEO

Vizovice, 18 June 2007