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ISO 9001:2016


2012 - New machinery for testing tools, GO press VORONĚŽ 800t, Construction of a retaining wall

We managed to successfully implement some investment projects that we had planned in previous years in 2012.

  1. We extended the retaining wall behind the press shop – the result is an increase in the logistics area in front of the office building

  2. We have built a new parking lot

  3. We made a GO press 800T – increasing the pressing capacity and testing larger tools

  4. We started with the reconstruction of the boiler room – cogeneration – gas / electricity, with the aim of reducing the consumption of electricity for heating in the winter months, for which we received a confirmation of a full application from the EU.

  5. We renewed the company’s fleet

During the year, we continued with preparatory project work so that construction could begin in 2013. These were the previously mentioned investment projects:

  1. Completion of the press hall, where we received confirmation of a full application from EU funds

  2. Roofing of the area behind the press shop – preparation for completion, the aim is to increase the storage areas