20 years of skills


Class A Supplier


ISO 9001:2016

2018 - Implementation of warehouse heating, change of handling equipment

From all our main customers, we received orders for tools and spare parts, as well as projects, including stamping. As you probably know Audi, Seat, VW, BMW, Nissan, Skoda are brands where you can find our products or products that are made on our press tools. We have also been involved in the production of pressing tools for electric cars. Large investments are planned in all car manufacturers here. We anticipate that the volume of new projects in this segment will increase.

We worked very intensively on team work on internal non-production projects, such as “quick change” and 5S, TPM1 and TPM2, SyteLine planning. We again amended the “business plan” – set new quality goals, performed a regular review of the system by the company’s management. As part of the improvement, we decided to re-certify the company according to the IATF in the near future. All employees participated in planned trainings to increase motivation and loyalty. Also understanding the issues of other sections. The goal was to unite the team and improve teamwork. The company has also created and expanded a new social program, which you can view on our website.

During the year, we continued to improve the environment:

  1. window replacement

  2. painting of buildings

  3. repair of sanitary facilities and locker rooms of employees

  4. establishment of a quiet room at the new locker rooms

  5. office repair

  6. gradual preparation for the installation of CNC machines with elements “Industry 4.0.”

  7. purchased a new VZV

  8. marking of all roads, buildings in the whole area ROSTRY


Painting buildings with climbing technique.