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ISO 9001:2016

2013 - Construction of the second part of the press shop and modernization of the boiler room – installation of CHP

We managed to successfully implement most of the investment projects we have planned in recent years:

  1. We have completed the reconstruction of the boiler room – cogeneration – gas / electricity, in order to reduce the consumption of electricity for heating in the winter months, for which we received confirmation of a full application from the EU.

  2. The company’s premises are connected to the public sewer

  3. We have completed the construction of the second northern hall of the press shop

  4. We implemented a covered extension to the first southern hall of the press shop

  5. We bought production presses

  6. They installed and revived the inkjet press

  7. They partially bought the land adjacent to the company ROSTRA

  8. They bought the “Carservis” Husička building, which is close to the ROSTRA company

  9. They implemented GO grinders

  10. HW recovery

During the year, we continued the preparatory project work so that it could be started in 2014. These were mainly:

  1. Project of asphalting the road in the company premises

  2. Project of flood protection measures

  3. Fencing project and camera security

  4. Press warehouse project for material and finished products

  5. Project of enlarging and modification of entrances to the company with connection to the road 1. class

KGJ scheme.