20 years of skills


Class A Supplier


ISO 9001:2016

2019 - Acquisition of the HERMLE milling center with palletizing, wire cutters with palletizing

There have been many investment projects this year that we would like to start using to the full. These are new machines, equipment, software, racks, etc. We expect full use of investments and thus also savings in both time and money in 2020 and beyond. We monitor work that is routine, repetitive, and that can be better organized, digitized, or eliminated altogether. This will apply to all work and will affect all employees. The goal will be to save time. We conducted training – “soft skills” – a sign of how to communicate without dismotivating, which we would like to focus on this year.

A big change will be the certification according to the IATF standard, the preparation of which will take place for half a year and the actual certification should take place in 2020. Our new customers, such as Škoda-auto or Continental, demand this standard and is therefore a condition for our cooperation. To improve the background of employees, we are gradually repairing all changing rooms and sanitary facilities. We perform damping of skylights – this is to improve the damping of the press shop.