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ROSTRA feed line

2014 - Acquisition of feed lines for presses

The biggest project of the year was the reconstruction of press tools of Turkish origin for the company Magna. This production was new for us and managing it required a lot of effort and dedication of our employees, without whom such a project would not be possible at all. Thanks to well-established processes and the organization of work at all levels, we also managed a new Nissan project from the same customer. We received both projects, including the pressing of parts for 10 years. At the same time, we have maintained capacity for our long-term customers – Benteler, Valeo, TRW, for which we have produced many pressing tools, fixtures and precision machine parts. We also devoted a lot of time to continuing teamwork on internal non-production projects.

From the planned investment projects we managed to successfully implement:

  1. asphalting of roads in the company premises

  2. foundations for the construction of warehouses and intermediate storage

  3. flood control project

  4. installation of two lines for presses from the EU subsidy project development call III