Quality Policy

ROSTRA Quality Policy

The primary long-term objective of ROSTRA is to provide services of superior quality that will satisfy the existing and future needs of our customers.

As employees of ROSTRA, we strive to gain our customers’ trust, which we will strengthen. We will continue our collaboration with our customers to expand our services in:

  • production of precision components for machinery, pressing tools, moulds and jigs
  • pressing of sheet metal parts for the automotive industry

To achieve the long-term objective, ROSTRA management has made the following commitment:

  • review quality policy and quality management system; then adopt measures for continuous improvement
  • set specific quality goals and criteria for their evaluation
  • create conditions for every company employee to meet these goals
  • provide necessary human and technical resources for implementation of the quality goals
  • carry out continuous measurement and monitoring of all processes
  • provide for measurement of customer satisfaction
  • secure periodic assessment of quality goals; adopt remedial measures if deficiencies are identified
  • establish a system for rewarding and motivating employees
  • ensure qualification improvements for all employees
  • compliance with legislative requirements
  • focus on meeting specific requirements arising from MAQMSR (IATF 16949)

The company management expects its employees to:

  • adhere to work procedures set by QMS documentation
  • meet all requirements of all internal and external customers
  • immediately respond to inconsistencies or doubts that would pose a threat to quality
  • be highly responsible for the quality, completeness and timeliness of their work
  • consistently self-check the results of their own work
  • make proposals for improvements to production processes and the QMS

Ing. Petr Mikulčík
Director and CEO