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Reporting unethical behavior

The form can also be submitted anonymously

    Rules for reporting cases of unethical or fraudulent conduct

    The notification should contain as much specific information as possible, including the names of the persons involved, witnesses and other possible sources of relevant information.

    Although it is preferred to report unethical and fraudulent conduct, it is possible to do so anonymously. However, anonymous notification may complicate or prevent proper examination and investigation of the whole matter and the adoption of proper measures.

    All notices will be treated as confidential.

    The notifier will be guaranteed protection by ROSTRA sro against any repression in connection with the notification and any manifestations of such behavior will not be tolerated.

    It is not permissible to abuse this procedure to make false reports. Such conduct will not be tolerated and, depending on the seriousness of such a false report, may be referred to law enforcement authorities for further investigation.

    The originator of the non-anonymous notification will be informed of its conclusions after the investigation.